Who are NKM Fire Protection Limited?

NKM Fire Protection Ltd specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of wireless radio, hard wired and hybrid fire detection systems and ancillary equipment, including emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and refuge systems.

We provide expert technical advice and support regardless of size and deliver a prompt and reliable service.

We are committed to ensuring that all advice given is current and tailored to your technical and commercial needs.

We can assist with your requirements for products and services regardless of size of contract and deliver a prompt, reliable quality assured service. We provide expertise to guide you through the design, supply, installation and maintenance of all aspects of fire protection systems.

NKM does not carry out Fire Risk Assessments but we do have a great deal of expertise and experience in advising our customers and scheduling works to achieve compliance in the most cost effective way.


November Kilo Mike

What does NKM stand for? Good question.

Nobody Kisses Me is what Geoff Waters, one of the company’s founders, used to say.

Rumour has it that NKM were the initials of the angel that helped with start up financing for the company, but no one knows for sure.

NKM, named for an angel…